Our Curator Team

Istanbul Akvaryum is managed by specialists in their field and in compliance with international standards in every sense.

Thanks to its Curator Team, all living creatures in Istanbul Akvaryum keep living in the conditions as nearest as possible to those of their habitat.

The Curator Team, which is composed of specialists in their field, ensures that living creatures keep living ideally, are fed regularly and naturally, and are continuously controlled and served.

Istanbul Akvaryum also has a maintenance and adaptation unit equipped with cutting-edge technology where the nearest living conditions for all living creatures are ensured, the fish are observed and quarantine processes are provided before taking in the main tank.

Uğur Çağlar

Born on May 30, 1987 in İstanbul, Turkey, Uğur Çağlar completed his undergradute studies at Aquaculture Engineering, Çukurova University in 2009.

Started to work as an aquarist for İstanbul Aquarium in 2010, Çağlar obtained his master’s degree in the field of Coastal Regions Management from İstanbul University in 2012.

Obtained his PhD degree in Coastal Engineering in 2020, Uğur Çağlar currently works as Aquarium Curator for İstanbul Aquarium.