Express Consent Text for Processing of İstanbul Akvaryum Turizm Ticaret Limited Şirketi Customer Data Pursuant to Law 6698 on Protection of Personal Data

I provide express and exact consent for having my personal data* pertaining to the following categories to be processed for being included in the mailing system, for submission of requests/suggestions/complaints to İstanbul Akvaryum, for announcement of campaigns and for submission of congratulatory messages and transfer of such for such purpose by ‘İstanbul Akvaryum Turizm Ticaret Limited Şirketi’ (“İstanbul Akvaryum”) or the third parties it has authorized, pursuant to the confidentiality policies, by undersigning hereby Express Consent Text.

In addition to the aforementioned aspects, I declare that I am knowledgeable about my rights within scope of the Law specified below:

  • Being informed about whether my personal data is being processed or not,
  • Requesting information whether my personal data has been processed,
  • Learning the purpose of processing my personal data and whether such is used according to its purpose,
  • Being informed about third parties that my personal data has been transferred to domestically or internationally,
  • Requesting correction of my personal data if such are processed incompletely or incorrectly,
  • Requesting deletion or destruction of my personal data pursuant to the conditions set forth by the law,
  • Requesting notification to the third parties, to whom my personal data was transferred, about the carried out procedures,
  • Objecting to any consequence against me through analysis of my processed data exclusively by automatic systems,
  • Requesting indemnification of my loss in case of incurring loss due to illegal processing of my personal data.

I can contact İstanbul Akvaryum if I want to exercise any of those rights and if I have any question regarding the Law 6698 or processing of my personal data.

Concept of "personal data*" within scope of this Express Consent Statement covers the following details:

  1. Name, surname,
  2. E-mail address

Name-Surname :

Signature :

I have read and understood the above text.

¨ I agree.

¨ I don't agree.

Your personal data is collected by our company, or real or legal persons processing data on behalf of our company via verbal, written and electronic channels upon your express consent. Such information are acquired with the purpose of advertising for safeguarding interests of İstanbul Akvaryum and you within frame of the contractual relationship between İstanbul Akvaryum and you, promotion of İstanbul Akvaryum's legitimat operational and commercial interests, products and services, for notifying you about products and campaigns, for including you in our mailing system, for processing of your wishes/suggestions and complaints by İstanbul Akvaryum and providing solution for such.

Your personal data will be kept as long as the valid grounds for keeping of the data exist, unless expressly specified by the Law. If requirement for protection and processing of personal data is no longer present, then such data will be deleted or anonymized.

On behalf of

İstanbul Akvaryum Turizm Ticaret Limited Şirketi