Spotted Garden Eel
Spotted Garden Eel
Scientific Name : Heteroconger hassi... Size : 40 cm Average Life Expectancy : 35 – 40 years

Spotted Garden Eel

The Spotted garden eel, also known as the spotted snakehead fish, is a small species living in warm waters in the Indian – Pacific region (reaching a maximum of 40 cm in length).) The body of spotted garden eel is quite thin, it is white and covered with many small black spots. These fish live in colonies of hundreds of individuals, in sandy areas near coral reefs, at depths of 5-50 meters.

Using their tails, spotted garden eel opens holes in the sand to hide. When a threat emerges, one of the fish in the group alerts the others with its movements, and they hide in their holes together. They often stay in their holes, even when they feed; they meet their nutritional needs zooplanktons in the current passing around them.

Spotted garden eels wrap themselves around each other during copulation. Fertilized eggs are released into the stream and move freely in the water until they break open. After hatching and fries gets big enough, they make their own nests in the sand. The average life of spotted garden eel is 35 - 40 years.

Acquarium Section

You can see the spotted garden eel in the Red Sea Section of Istanbul Akvaryum.

'Did you know' facts

  • Spotted garden eels have an improved visual sense that allows them to easily see their prey, and predators that pose a threat.
  • The mucus they secrete from their skin creates a kind of cement effect and keeps the sand grains around their nests together like concrete.
  • During mating periods, men in the group protect the females from the other males.