Redbelly Piranha
Redbelly Piranha
Scientific Name : Pygocentrus nattereri Size : 35cm Average Life Expectancy : 8 – 10 years

Red-bellied Piranha

The red-bellies piranha is a freshwater fish and lives in South America, mostly in rivers and lakes. These fish are easily recognized due to their red stripe on their belly, which also inspired their name. Besides that they have silver/grey dark speckled skin. They can reach 4 kilos in weight and 50 cm in length.

These animals, which are especially known as very aggressive and extremely predatory carnivorous animals in many places in the world because of media influence, are actually omnivorous (they feed on meat and plants). They generally eat small fish, bugs, fruit and water plants. As a safety principle they usually live in schools. But unlike most people think, they don't usually hunt in groups. Piranhas usually don't attack one prey and eat it in a short amount of time in groups, this is very rare and often the result of being disturbed or being hungry for a very long time. But it is true that these fish have very sharp teeth and strong jaws. Their bites can cause serious injuries in other animals. The average life expectancy of the red-bellied piranha is 10 years.

Where can it be seen?

You can visit our Amazon Rain Forest Area to see the red-bellied piranhas.

Did you know?

  • The total length of the teeth of the red-bellied piranhas is about 7 mm, together with the not visible roots.
  • The red-bellied piranha is very often preferred as aquarium fish.
  • The red-bellied piranhas usually mate in the rainy seasons; the females leave about 5.000 eggs in the nests that the males prepared.