Red Lionfish
Red Lionfish
Scientific Name : Pterois volitans  Size : 38 cm Average Life Expectancy : 10 years

Red Lionfish

The red lion fish stands out with its characteristic appearance and mostly lives among shallow rocks in the Indo-Pacific Ocean. Its color can vary depending on the habitat. It has an effective poison in its needles, which are easily noticeable at first glance, which the lionfish uses for defense purposes against predators. There are only few predators in nature hunting this fish.

The red lionfish generally hunts at night, using its camouflaging technique and very quick reflexes and feeds on creatures like small fish, shrimp and crabs.

The size of the red lionfish can range from 25 - 38 cm and its average life expectancy is 10-15 years.

Where can it be seen?

You can see the red lionfish in the Pacific Area in Istanbul Akvaryum.

Did you know?

  • The red lionfish, a popular aquarium fish, is also preferred as food in some parts of the world.
  • The venom of the red lion fish can cause severe pain, dizziness and difficulty in breathing in humans.
  • The thorns coming out of its body resemble a mane, which was effective in naming the fish "lionfish".