Scientific Name : Rhina ancylostoma Size : 100 -275 cm Average Life Expectancy : 10-25 Yıl

Bowmouth Guitarfish - Shark Ray (Rhina Ancylostoma)

Bowmouth Guitarfish - Shark Ray (Rhina Ancylostoma) is actually categorized under the family of rays. However, it is referred to as bowmouth guitarfish or shark ray because of its body shape and fins resembling sharks rather than a ray. It is commonly referred to as guitarfish or shark ray in short. This rare species occurs in Indian-Pacific region, in a wide area from South Africa to the Red Sea, from Australia to Japan, and generally lives at depths of 3 - 90 meters. This species, which has a characteristic appearance with a narrow pectoral disc at its head, the spines on the bony bulges in its head and body, white spots on its skin and its long tail compared to its body, is generally seen in sandy and muddy areas on the sea surface. It feeds on shellfish and mollusks such as shrimp, crab, squid. This large species can reach a length of 3 m and weight of 135 kg.

Guitarfish are ovoviviparous. The embryo matures inside an egg inside the mother until it is ready to hatch. The fish fries hatch from eggs inside the mother's body and then leave the mother's body.

Acquarium Section

You can see the guitarfish closely at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the West Atlantic and Panama sections of our aquarium.

'Did you know' facts

  • Bowmouth Guitarfish is listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act.
  • It is more active at night.
  • The ray is protected by the thorns on its head and back, and it may ram perceived threats.