Scientific Name : Pygoscelis papua Size : 51 – 90 cm Average Life Expectancy : 15 – 20 Years

Gentoo Penguins

The third biggest creatures of the Antarctica, the Gentoo penguins, also known as the "world's most romantic animals" live on the South Pole and are seabirds living in communities. These adorable animals, which stand out with their white spot on the head and red/orange beaks, mostly live on the islands surrounding the Antarctic continent, usually in areas with no ice such as valleys, rocks and coasts and they are very resistant to harsh climates.

The Gentoo penguins can reach a height of 50 - 90 cm and a weight of 6 kilograms and they come right after the emperor penguin and king penguin in terms of size. Gentoo penguins are the fastest swimming penguin species and they can stay under water for seven minutes while reaching a speed of 35 km/h. These carnivorous penguins generally feed on crustaceans, small fish and calamari.

Even though the Gentoo penguins are not endangered yet, their numbers decrease worldwide and they have an average life expectancy of 15-20 years.

Where can it be seen?

You can visit the Gentoo penguins in the South Pole Area in Istanbul Akvaryum.

Did you know?

  • Their nests, which they build out of little stones, can cause jealousy and even fights amongst the Gentoo penguins. Males gift these stones to the females, with which they want to mate in order to attract their attention.
  • These penguins, which can live their whole lives with only one partner, this is also why they are called the "world's most romantic animals", share their duties during the incubation process.
  • Animals such as sea lions, leopard seals, and killer whales hunt Gentoo penguins and are their natural enemies.
  • Human activities such as hunting and oil exploration pose a threat to Gentoo penguins.