False Stonefish
False Stonefish
Scientific Name : Scorpaenopsis diabolus Size : 30 cm Average Life Expectancy : 5-10 years

False Stonefish (Scorpaenopsis Diabolus)

Thanks to its advanced camouflage skills, false stonefish can perfectly adapt to its environment and is the most toxic fish species in the world. This fish is usually found in corals, rock bottoms in the Indo-Pacific Ocean and lagoons. The average length of this small but extremely dangerous fish - with five different species available is 30-40 cm and the average weight is about 2 kg.

The false stonefish is very difficult to notice as a bottom-dwelling fish, sometimes partially covered with sediment and camouflaged on the stony surfaces at the bottoms, and thus it is protected against predators, and it can feed on passing prey setting inescapable ambush for small fishes. False stonefish, having waiting for hours at a time, can strike and swallow its prey in a split of second when their potential prey is less than their body length away. It is an ambush predator and feeds on passing prey such as small fish as well as mollusks and crustaceans.

The average life expectancy of false stonefish is 5 - 10 years.

Acquarium Section

You can see false stonefish in the Red Sea area of our aquarium.

'Did you know' facts

  • The false stonefish can survive for up to 24 hours outside water.
  • Although it does not attack people, it may release the venom on the dorsal fins as a reaction / defense mechanism when it is accidentally stepped on. In such cases, medical attention should be sought as soon as possible.