Eagle Ray
Eagle Ray
Scientific Name : Myliobatis aquila Size : 183 cm Average Life Expectancy : 15-20 years

Common Eagle Ray (Myliobatis Aquila)

Common Eagle Ray (Myliobatis Aquila) is the general name given to various ray species, living in the open seas belonging to the Myliobatidae family. Common Eagle Ray (Myliobatis Aquila) a species of fish that occurs in eastern part of Atlantic Ocean. It occurs both close to the shore and further out, at depths down to about 300 m, but much of its time is spent in very shallow water at less than 50 m. It has a rhomboidal disc with a pair of large, triangular pectoral fins projecting on either side, and a single dorsal fin. The snout is rounded and the tail slender, with a large spine at its base but no tail fin. The common eagle ray reaches up to 183 cm in total length and up to 15 kg in total weight. The dorsal surface is brown or black while the ventral surface is white.

Common eagle ray (myliobatis aquila) commonly occurs in shoal, and feeds on crustaceans and bivalve mollusks, as well as fish. This species is oviviviparous; in other words, the offspring remain in the mother until the offspring is hatched. They leave the mother's body after they hatch from eggs. The mean duration of pregnancy varies between 6 and 8 months and mothers give 3 to 7 young fries at a birth.

Average life expectancy of Common Eagle Ray (Myliobatis Aquila) is 15 - 20 years.

Acquarium Section

You can see common eagle rays in the Mid-Atlantic, Western Atlantic, Pacific and Aegean sections of acquarium.

'Did you know' facts

  • As they float in shallow water along the beach strip, they shape their two wings to the side in a way to form an appearance of two sharks swimming side by side.
  • The predators of the common eagle ray are mainly sharks.