Cownose Ray
Cownose Ray
Scientific Name : Rhinoptera bonasus Size : 120 cm Average Life Expectancy : 13-18 years

Cownose Ray

The cownose ray is an eagle stingray species (also known as common eagle ray) living in the Western Atlantic waters, New England (Northeast American states), the Mexican Bay and the Caribbean.

Cownose rays generally live in depths between 0-22 meters. They feed on creatures like oysters, large snails, lobsters and crabs. Thanks to their strong jaws and teeth they are able to easily break their shells. They migrate over long distances in large groups. Although the reason for the migration of these fish moving to the south in the fall and north in the spring is unknown, it is thought to be due to the temperature change in water.

The cownose ray is an ovoviviparous species, this means that the babies wait inside the mother until they hatch from the egg. After they hatch they leave their mother's body.

The average life expectancy of the cownose ray is 13-18 years.

Where can it be seen?

You can see the cownose ray in the Mid-Atlantic, Western Atlantic, Panama, Pacific and Aegean areas in the Istanbul Akvaryum.

Did you know?

  • When looked from above, its head looks like a cow nose. This is why it is called "cownose" ray.
  • The cownose ray actively swims and only rarely stands still.
  • On the tail of the cownose ray there is a venomous needle. But it is usually a shy species and does not present any danger to humans.