Banggai Cardinal Fish
Banggai Cardinal Fish
Scientific Name : Pterapogon kauderni Size : 3 – 7 cm Average Life Expectancy : 5 years

Banggai Cardinalfish (Pterapogon Kauderni)

The distinctive Banggai cardinal fish, with its star-like shape and patterns on its skin, is a small species living in the Western Pacific, around the Bangagai Islands of Indonesia. (The average length is 3 - 7 cm.) Banggai cardinal fish, living in groups, are more commonly seen in shallow areas such as coral reefs and seaweed beds. Copepods (a species of arthropod) and planktonic crustaceans constitute the bulk of its diet.

One of the most interesting features of Banggai cardinalfish is that the young remain in the male's mouth cavity. The male care for the eggs, that the female lays in his mouth, for 20 days on average. The male broods the eggs in his mouth around 10 more days, then it releases the fry from mouth. During this 30-day period, the male does not feed.

This attractive fish is currently popular in the aquarium trade and and it is now an endangered species. The species has a short lifespan, reaching around 4-5 years in optimal conditions in captivity, but it is shorter in the wild.

Acquarium Section

Banggai cardinal fish can be seen in the Pacific Area of Istanbul Akvaryum.

'Did you know' facts

  • The pattern on each Banggai cardinal fish is different from the others.
  • In the pairing of fishes, the female courts the male.
  • The Banggai cardinalfish, which occurs around the long spiny sea urchins, can seek shelter among the spines of sea urchins in case of any threat.