Feeding Hours

Would you like to be there for the feeding of sharks, crocodiles and many other fascinating sea creatures?

In Istanbul Akvaryum, Turkey's and the world's biggest thematic aquarium, you also can watch the daily regular feeding sessions and witness the feeding processes of the creatures in the aquarium from up close!

You can follow this educational show, in which the creatures of our aquarium, one more interesting than the other, are fed by expert aquarists through the tunnel in the Central Atlantic area, the acrylic glass in the Western Atlantic area or the half tunnel in the Panama area.

Main tank - Sharks and other Sea Creatures

The feeding of the nurse sharks, rays, groupers, elasmobranchiis and other sea creatures takes place every day, except Mondays, at 11:00 o'clock in front of the Panama tunnel. On days, on which a diving session with sharks is planned, the feeding begins on 10:30. The feeding of the sand tiger sharks takes place on Wednesdays and Sundays at 14:30 in front of the main panel of the Western Atlantic.

Rain Forests - Cuvier's Dwarf Caimans

The feeding of the Cuvier's Dwarf Caimans in the Rain Forests of Istanbul Akvaryum takes place on Saturday at 16:00 o'clock.